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Preece Victoria

New era of Victorian wine.

Packaging design, wine label and illustration.

The immensely popular Preece was first launched in the late 1980s from Central Victoria with masterful blending. An illustration which tells the story of its heritage Victorian vineyard combined with it’s landscape, grapes, nature and Victoria’s famous Apostle bird. Asymmetric illustration gives a perfect balance just like Preece’s perfect blend.

Balance was the cornerstone for the main narratives. A perfect balance in the nature, craftsmanship and heritage are what makes the Preece Victoria special. The concept of the balance came through the use symmetric illustration. It’s an imperfect balance of the nature that had been visualised for two variations with single tone of colour for each.

Preece Wine Packaging Lineup
Preece Wine Packaging Label
Preece Wine Packaging Illustration
Preece Wine Packaging Hero Work in progress

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