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We are a collective of creative visual story tellers.

Eo&So Graphic Design is graphic design agency based in beautiful Northshore of Sydney, Australia. We are a collective of creative visual story tellers focused on telling your story to the people and world. To do this we use a good design to create the experience and relationship between you, your brand and people. 

We pride ourselves as a small team of creative thinkers. This allow us to focus on the project unlike the larger agencies with complex processes. In return, we spend more time understanding the brand and it’s need, find the ‘right’ solution and quick turn-around with the highest quality.

We thrive in providing wide range of creative solutions for our client across brand, packaging, prints and digital.


Brand is not your logo. It’s a interaction, relationship and culture you create for your company, products and customers. We help you make mark.We are all-in building a unique brand.

Branding & identity, logo design, brand style guide, brand audit, brand collateral, business card, stationary.


Packaging design that is visible which stands out from the shelf with strong personality and compelling narrative. We are a packaging designers from the core and we love it.

Packaging design, market research, design roll-out, finished artwork.


We design a custom solutions for your brand with impact and visibility. Our focus is clear and effective that it never gets lost in the crowds.

We help visual communication to convey your message in a consistent and professional manner across your advertising platforms in order to reach your target audience.

Publication, poster, banner, brochure, newsletter, flyer, menu, marketing.


With a ‘smart’ branding we take the brand experience and translate it into a digital platform that’s engaging and connected.

Web design, social media, online marketing, Google ad, UX & UI.

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